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Case Studies

G.L. – 
Migraines, Injuries, Digestive Issues, Radiation poisoning

Presented with severe and frequent migraines for many years, recovering from injuries and surgery on Achilles tendon due to a fall, digestive issues, signs of liver toxicity and a history of radiation poisoning.   She was on disability from a job where she had made lots of money but was very unhappy.  She was getting energetic “visitors” especially at night, and a couple of times during sessions.

We did bodywork/energy work, QRA nutritional assessment and program, including therapeutic mudpacks, emotional repolarization work with affirmations & BRT vial, and use of essential oils. 

The headaches & digestive issues resolved.  The energetic visitors stopped.  She recovered quickly from her injuries.  G.L. got in touch with her emotional issues & was able to make a huge shift in her attitudes as well as her health & life direction.  She took seminars in a field she is passionate about and is embarking on a new life career.

Hearing Loss

AM had suddenly last 94% of her hearing in her left ear at the end of a yoga class.  She had gone to a hearing clinic with a national reputation and had gotten the standard of care, which was a week of steroids which had no effect and an uncertain prognosis.

We did cranio-sacral and Polarity therapies, worked with emotional issues & traumas uncovered with kinesiology and used essential oils which are regenerative to nerve tissue with a program to use them at home with specific touch techniques on the ears and reflexes.  I also referred her to a chiropractor for adjustment of cervical vertebrae.  

After 6 months AM had recovered over 90% of her hearing in that ear. 

C. K. – 
Allergies, Respiratory Issues, Emotional issues, Back pain

C. presented with severe allergies & respiratory issues, (difficulty breathing), back and knee pain.  She was constantly over-extending herself to help needy friends who took advantage of her to her detriment. 

We did body/energy work, and lymphatic drainage.  I taught her Polarity Yoga exercises to do on her own.  Recommended a program of essential oils, ERT(Emotional Re-polarization Technique) with QCI (Quantum Coherance Integrator) vial and some nutrients. 

Her allergies & respiratory & back pain issues improved dramatically.  She was able to get into a physical therapy program which also assisted her fitness and she began setting more healthy boundaries due to her self care.

S. L. 
Intestinal Cancer

S. had surgery for duodenal cancer & had decided to do the recommended chemotherapy.  She was also working with a holistically oriented M.D. 

We did body/energy work, focused on the emotional issues & recommended essential oils for emotional balance & alleviating the effects of the chemo.  We uncovered emotional trauma & issues with her parents & worked with them w/ERT (affirmations & QCI Vial)

She completed treatment, is cancer free, & has a completely new attitude about her life based on releasing anxiety & tension, resolving emotional issues with her parents and an appreciation of her body & her life.

S. S. 
Injuries due to Auto Accident

S. presented while recovering from injuries due to an auto accident.  She had severe knee & leg injuries & surgery & emotional  trauma related to the accident.  She was highly sensitive and shaky and unsure of her future.

We did mostly energetic work, grounding and balancing her energy.  I recommended essential oils for her injuries & emotional balance & gave her energetic exercises to do at home. 

She recovered without after affect from her injuries, became solid & stable in her emotional condition & decided clearly that she would continue in the business venture she had started.

Emotional Issues, Fibromyalgia

C. was involved in an affair with a married man & was emotionally frustrated, lonely & miserable.  She was in constant pain due to fibromyalgia, had digestive issues & allergies. 

We did body/energy work,  focusing on the emotional issues, used essential oils and glyconutrients.  Later on did QRA & nutritional program. 

She ended the affair and worked through the emotional issues, regaining her confidence & self-esteem.  She was able to get back into dance classes without pain for the first time in 20 years.   Her allergies & digestive issues were remarkably improved.


What I love to do and do best is get to the energetic imbalance & core emotional source of whatever is manifesting physically.  In this way we not only relieve the symptoms someone is experiencing but enable the person to use the opportunity to make a major shift and transformation in his or her life. 

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