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Cover Story "Take Me Away - Spa Wars"

from L.A. Times Weekend Calendar, July 6, 2006

Review of top local Hotel Spas - by Valli Herman
Luxe Hotel Spa

"I chose the house specialty, the polarity massage, an 85 minute, $150 treatment that involved an interview about my aches, multiple  muscle-release and chakra-realigning techniques and even tuning forks (they do something with my energy.)  My therapist stretched and yanked my toes, legs and even somehow, gave my liver more "support," she said. 

Though the process was rather New Age for me, I emerged pain-and-knot-free for the first time in months and stayed that way for days.  While it's nice that hotels everywhere are rushing to devise new therapies and pleasures, in the hands-on world of spas, all the bells and whistles are no substitute for a truly talented therapist."

Signature Treatment: Polarity/Transformational Touch Therapy [with Pamela McBride]

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Below is an excerpt from an interview Dr. Richard Grossman, L.Ac., did with Pamela for the June 1, 2006 Topanga Journal.  

What is a treatment with you like?  
I talk with my clients and find out what's going on for them, where they need support and what they'd like to receive. Then we do an energetic form of kinesiology or muscle testing. Through this comprehensive dialogue with my client's energy system, I find out what the elemental issue is and what will help, which organ, gland and system need the most support, which modalities will be most valuable, even what the cells need. Then we go to the table and have our interactive adventure. Based on the map I get from the energetic reading, I work very intuitively. My intention is to provide an environment where the wisdom of my client's own energy system can do its work, to open up the free flow of energy and come into balance. I use essential oils and often tuning forks in the course of the session with the intention of touching a person in every dimension, body, mind and spirit. I often teach people a few simple energetic exercises called Polarity yoga to help keep their energy flowing and in balance in between sessions. I'll also suggest tonic herbs or make nutritional recommendations.

What is your treatment setting like?
My studio is surrounded by the beauty and energy of nature with a huge windows and skylights looking out on treetops and a beautiful view of the Topanga hills.  When weather permits, I have a private deck where we can work outside if the client prefers.

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